MPACT® On Grass
Mpact® can be sprayed on at the beginning of the growing season, to produce strong, healthy growth.  Increased protein and trace element content in grasses occurs.  Through stimulating micro-organisms and releasing locked-up soil elements.  Protein increased in Mpact® treated grasses and therfore higher protein assimilation by stock, results.  Autumn spraying may be carried out to optimize winter growth. Mpact® may be applied with herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers and fungicides.  Mpact® has produced outstanding beneficial changes in soil structure.  Trials indicate increased water penetration, creating aeration and better tilth.  This will provide and environment in which pastures can obtain their nutritional requirements more readily.  
Mpact® Treated Alfalfa
Untreated Alfalfa
            Untreated                   Mpact® Treated
Mpact® on Jiggs Bermuda grass 1/1000 of an acre was weighed from 3 locations per replica.  The Jiggs Bermuda grass was mechanically cut