MPACT® Enhances Agriculture Production
Mpact® is an all-natural agricultural product produced by 
Enviro Products Corp., a Missouri based Company.  Mpact® is a complex biologically derived product that is used to enhance 
fertilizer, improve crop yields, and can be mixed with other products such as herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.  Mpact® is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous, and contains no pathogenic microorganisms.  Mpact® is a biodegradable liquid with no odor when diluted and when used according to directions.  
Mpact® is all Naural and is not crop specific; it is designed to help rejuvenate the microbial population in the soil by increasing their population diversity and levels of activity.
           Mpact® Treated                 Corn                   Untreated
        Mpact® Treated    Roots   Untreated
          Mpact® Treated          Sugar Beets            Untreated
Application Rate: 
 One Gallon Per Ten Acres

Spray Rigs, Pivot Mix Tanks (Chemigation) Tape/drip Systems, Aerial Applicators, Flood Irrigation, Impregnate Dry Fertilizer, 
Foliar Feed
A Natural Product Promoting Healthy Plant Growth, Stronger Root Systems and Larger Yields
What is Mpact®...
Mpact® is a biological stimulant that promotes growth in all Plants including beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.  This product is a concentrated extract of bio-mass.  It is a non-toxic, biodegradable liquid with no odor when diluted and used according to directions.
Reducing Nutrient Loss
Nutrients that are not absorbed by plant roots will be consumed by soil organisms and released days later when they die.  This system of "recycling" is nature's way of retaining the nutrients in the soil profile.  The greater the microorganism activity in the soil, the more nutrients will be saved for later use by the crop.
Increasing Microorganisms
During the winter, microorganisms in the soil decline and become dormant.  As soil warms in the spring, they slowly repopulate.  An application of Mpact® to the soil at the beginning of the growing season stimulates microorganism activity, the better your crop will be able to use the fertilizer and Mpact® you have applied.  The final result is increased yield for your fertilizer dollar.  
Air & Water Movement
The active growth of soil microorganism helps soil particles to aggregate.  This creates pore space between soil particles, allowing movement of air and water in the soil profile.  Rain soaks in; less runs off.  Pore space encourages better root development.
      Mpact® Treated    Wheat   Untreated