MPACT® On Corn
            Untreated                                    Mpact Treated
    Mpact Treated         Untreated
12.8 oz per acre
1 gallon per 10 acres
When to apply Mpact®
Prep-plant, liquid starter, fungicides, herbicide
(Mpact® reduces/repairs chemical/plant burn)
(Mpact® can be used as nature's antibiotic in healing plants)
2nd Application of Mpact® with herbicides and nitrogen
Mixing Mpact® with herbicides at burn down will speed up decomposition and the return of organic matter to the soil.

Mpact® in the fall sets the soil so atmospheric and commercial Nitrogen is fixed, preventing leeching and gassing.  This makes Nitrogen available in the spring at planting time.
Mpact® applied after burn down will continue releasing tied up nutrients through the dormant months making them available for spring plainting.